Web Development Tools and Resources for Webmasters

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This page contains the <strong>best recommended</strong> online tools, softwares, materials and learning points that create your desire wealth through online passive income investment.

Webmaster resources

You will find below some webmaster tools and resources that will help you to achieve your goals of having an online presence.


A great simple but practical tools that keeps you on the right track to build a great online business presence that guarantees you a decent passive income 24/7 even when you are asleep. Site build it shows you the practical simple steps to deliver the business model of CONTENT, TRAFFIC, PRESELL and MONETIZE.

With great content, traffic, presell and monetization you can deliver to earn constant passive income online. Site build it does more than solving the business model OF CTPM. With Site build it, you have all the resources to build a great online passive income buisiness in one box. It takes care of your hosting, domain name registration, niche finding, keyword researching, website designing, autoresponding, mailing list and the lists are not exhaustive. For many online marketers who presently earn passive income in the range of Five to Six figure thousands of Dollars monthly it is a WOH! experience for them to have embraced SITE BUILD IT!

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BizXpress Wordpress

A great and straight to the point practical plugin tool that helps you to build a passive income online business on Wordpress platform. If you are turning to Wordpress as your CMS, site or bog builder then BizXpress will do all the savvy, education and technical know how details on how to use Wordpress features in building a great site or blog that continuously generates passive income for you. Today there are about 60 million users on Wordpress and the figure is rising, about 3 million users are getting on Wordpress platform every month. With BizXpress, you can make use of all features from within any Wordpress site. BizXpress is a complete set of tools and education that builds your online passive income business using Wordpress. BizXpress will save you great time and it is certain that your success results will be as desired. You can test BizXpress for free.

bizXpress bizXpress
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