Recharge And Get Paid Review A Great Way For You To Make Money

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You will find out below an investment opportunity in the telecommunications sector from which you can make money for passive income wealth creation. If you dream to be a successful millionaire investor and entrepreneur earning more cash each day it is sure you will be excited with what follows.

Recharge And Get Paid Review

This article shows that Recharge And Get Paid is an opportunity for anyone who loves to make money online.

You will find answers to some frequently asked questions about the company areas of operation activities.

  • What is Recharge And Get Opportunity all abbout?
  • How Shoud I get started?
  • How do I make money with the opportunity?
  • What are the reasons why I should be part of the telecom opportunity/

What Recharge And Get Paid Is All About

The telecom business is a legal company that is duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a limited company.

It is also licensed by Nigeria Communication Commissions (NCC) to carry out the business of telecommunications in Nigeria.

The products and services of RAGP include:

  • Selling of Airtime.
  • Selling of Data.
  • Payment of Subscriptions services such as DSTV, GOTV and STARTIMES.
  • Payment for Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) bills.
  • Empowering an individual to carry out all the above transactions in behalf of the company through a Virtual Top Up (VTU) e-wallet account.

How To Get Registered/Started With The Opportunity

You can get started by registering with the company to get the VTU licence through any of the seven packages mentioned below.

Serial NoPackage NameAmount in NairaPoint Value
7Executive Platinum100,000400

An individual can get started or register with any lower package but is expected later as his business grows to upgrade to platinum or executive platinum to have all the company benefits

  1. You proceed to register online by filling an online form. Your referral Id is ruthbej. Take note of your username and password.
  2. You then proceed with the payment for the particular package you want to start with after which you get activated to use your e-wallet account.
  3. You can make payment online through your bank account or the person who refers you will get you activated through his own e-wallet account
  4. If you want to complete your registration by making payment online just visit the login page and input your username and password you use to create your account and follow the subsequent instructions to completion.
  5. If you want me to register you through my e-wallet then whats-app me or call me on 08164084502

There is Much Money For You To Make From The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan or the reward is very rich. The various ways to make money are described below:

Sign Up Commission(SUC). You make money when you join the opportunity. This is referred to as sign up commission (SUC) and this is 20% of your registration package. For instance if you register with N50,000, you SUC is 20% of N50,000 and this give N10,000.

Direct Referral Commission (DRC). When you refer someone and the person joins you earn 20% of the person sign up package. This is referred to as Direct Referral Commission. For instance if you sponsor Mr Alex and Alex decides to sign up with N40,000 then your DRC is 20% of N40,000 and this amount to N8.000

Indirect Referral Commission (IRC). This is between 10% to 1%, This is the commission you earn when someone you have sponsored also sponsors someone into the business.

This commission is available up to the 9th leg or generation, counting from your first indirect referral. Your first indirect referral is someone sponsored by your direct referral. This amount can actually accumulate millions of Naira as shown below.

The table below shows the amount of indirect referral commission you will earn if you sponsor 5 persons and each of your team members sponsors 5 person each.

Leadership Bonus. This amount is earned monthly when the total point value of your team is 10,000. To qualify you must be a Gold, Diamond, Platinum or Executive platinum member. A gold member earns N25,000, A diamond member earns N50,000 while platinum or executive platinum member earns N100,000.

Incentive Packages. These are earned as incentives when you have accumulated some points value from your growing team. The incentives total N15.5 million

  • With a total point value of 25,000 you earn an international trip to Dubai sponsored by the company or you get N500,000 cash
  • With a total point value of 60,000 you earn car award or cash of N2,000,000
  • With a total point value of 100,000 you earn a big house fund of N3,00,000
  • With a total point value of 250,000 you earn a bigger house fund of N4,000,000
  • With a total point value of 500,000 you earn a biggest house fund of N6,000,000

Virtual Top Up (VTU) commissions. The commissions on VTU come from you and from your team of network users. This can actually be the opportunity you have been waiting for to generate daily passive cash income flow and to build your own wealth. The VTU commissions from the e- wallet transactions are:

  • 2% commission on direct airtime purchases and 0.35% commission on indirect airtime porchases
  • 10% commission on direct data purchases and 1% commission on indirect data purchases
  • N40 commission on direct cable TV subscription services and N10 indirect commission on cable TV subscription services such as DSTV, GOTV and STARTIMES
  • N40 commission on direct PHCN bill payment and N10 commission on indirect PHCN bill payment

** note that indirect commission refers to any commission from a user in your team network other than you.

You will find here statistics showing how much you will earn as indirect commissions if you have built a network of users of about 100,000 and if each person spends per month N1,000 on airtime, N1,000 on data and each subscribes to cable TV subscription and also pay PHCN bill.

Earnings on airtime = 0.35% x N1,000 x 100,000 VTU users = N350,000
Earnings on data = 1% x N1,000 x 100,000 VTU users = N1,000,000
Earnings on cable TV subscriptions = N10 x 100,000 cable TV users = N1,000,000
Earnings on PHCN bill payment = N10 x 100,000 PHCN bill subscribers = N1,000,000
Total commissions earned per month = N3,500,000

The above is the reward you get for building a system of telecom users which grows from 100 to 1000, to 10,000 to 100,000 and more

This involves getting more and more people into your system of network users. If you have not joined register now! Your referral Id is ruthbej

Reasons Why You Should Be Part Of The Telecom Opportunity

  • The products and services are essential for everyone everyday. Airtime and data purchase is recession free.
  • It is a source of passive income for daily cash flow. You earn cash 24/7 even when you are sleeping.
  • It helps you to build your own wealth. You can earn the N15.5 million incentive package. You also can have a business platiform that can give you over 100k per day.
  • It does not affect whatever you do it is just like fun.
  • It helps you to embark on the best investment which is investment on people.

If you have not registered, join now! do not hesitate! Your referral Id is ruthbej

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It is clear from the above review that RAGP is a real investment opportunity for anyone who wants to earn a residual income. In this article post the business as analysed above is a viable investment. In the next write up which is the next part you will learn about why it is easy to get results fast with the activities and operation of your investment in VTU

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