Recharge And Get Paid Compensation Plan Can Enrich and Make You A Wealthy Millionaire Telecomprenerurs

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Rechrge and get paid compensation plan is made with you in mind to lead you to financial independence. You will find below from this article the various ways you can earn from RAGP.

There Is Much Money For You To Earn Through RAGP

In part one of this training tutorial you find out an overview of RAGP telecom business operations. In this part two you will find below the different ways you will earn you money from RAGP telecom system

You Earn Money When You Register And When You Upgrade

When You join RAGP you will earn 20% of your registration package. This is referred to as Sign Up Commission (SUC)

For instance If You sigh up with N50,000 your SUC is 20% of N50,000, that is N10,000

Income From Bringing People Into Your Telecom System

You register people into your network and those you register in turn also keeps on registering others and within a short period of term you will grow a alarge network of telecom VTU users

When you bring one person into your RAGP network system , you will earn 20% of the individual registration value. This is referred to as Direct Referral Commission DRC

For instance if you bring in Adex to your telecom network system and Adex registers with N40,000. Your Indirect referral commission is 20% of N40,000 i.e N8,000

When others in your telecom system users you did not register directly bring people into your system, such ones are indirect Referrals.

Commissions you earn from Indirect Referrals ranges from 1% - 1% of your indirect leg up to 9th Level deep

Leadership Bonus

You must be Gold, Diamond, Platinum, or Executive Platinum member and this is monthly earnings if the total Point Value of your team is 10,000. For Gold members you earn N25,000, for Diamond you earn N50,000 and for platinum or Executive Platinum You earn N100,000

Incentive Packages

You must be a platinum or an executive platinum member to be able to earn the incentives Intl Trip to Dubai or cash equivalent of N500,000 Small car incentive or cash equivalent of N2,000,000 House fund of or cash equivalent of N3,000,000 Bigger House fund or cash equivalent of N4,000,000 Biggest House Fund or cash equivalent of N6,000,000

A look At How Much Money You Can Make With RAGP Income From VTU users, Cable TV Subscriptions And PHCN Bill Payments

0.35% X N1,000 Airtime sales monthly X 100,000 VTU users in your telecom system = N350,000 per month 1% x N1,000 Data sales monthly x 100,000 VTU users in your telecom system = N,000,000 per month Cable TV Sub N10 x 100,000 monthly Cable TV users in your telecom system =N1,000,000 per month PHCN bill payment N10 x 100,000 monthly PHCN subscribers in your telecom system =N1,000,000 per month

Your effort to grow your RAGP telecom business opportunity will earn you even more than what is highlighted above. Learn more in part three on how to grow your recharge and get paid business opportunity!

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