Recharge And Get Paid How It Works For You

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You can make Recharge and get paid to give you daily streams of much income. Its compensation plan is made with you in mind to lead you to financial independence.

how recharge and get paid works

As a business organisation it has turned ordinary persons to millionaires within few months of being in existence. Just like many you can make money and have good results with Recharge And Get Paid .

The company is a unique legal entity that has many telecom business products and services with the goal of helping many to have residual income from telecom business of their own.

You will find below the few secrets that will help you to build a workable telecom business from the organisation business plans

Top Secrets To Success Others Are Using

The following are the secrets that will work out to success this great business opportunity

  • Get started with it.
  • Understand the telecom business and its potential to create a successful millionaire you.
  • Build your dream, desire and actions around it.
  • Learn to work smart by building a system of many network users.

Your First Success Plan Is To Get Started

The first step is to get started. Getting started is the vehicle that conveys you to your destination.

You get started by registering with any of the seven packages and these are:

Executive PlatinumN100,000

When you join you will earn 20% sign up commission and you will earn point value as well. Your referral ID is ruthbej

You Will Succeed By Having Knowledge of The Business

Build your confidence level with a good knowledge of RAGP business activities. You can only promote to others what you actually know about the telecom opportunity. Get yourself abreast with the fundamentals of the organisation. Amount other things you should know the following:

  • The legal entity as a duly registered and licensed company
  • The products and the services
  • The seven registration packages, their names and the benefits
  • The potential business opportunities and future growth of Nigeria telecom industry
  • The various ways you make money: the sign up commission, the direct referral and indirect referral commission, the leadershio bonus, the incentive packages and the Virtual Top Up commissions on airtime, data, cable TV subscriptions and PHCN bill payments
  • How to build a network of usrs
  • Various promotion techniques: offline and online
  • Reasons why anyone should never hesitate to be part of the opportunity

The Opportunity Fits Your Dreams And Desires

Each of us has dreams. Humans dreams include been wealthy, having a home or a house of ones desire, riding a good car,travelling opportunities and been financially free.

Each of the above dream is dully taken care off and made part of goals to be realized in Recharge And Get Paid.

Your dream to cash and wealth is seen from the system earnings compensation. There is much to earn from the business. You make money from the following activities:

  1. Your own registration- 20%
  2. Bringing others to join you- 10%-1%
  3. Direct airtime purchases- 2%
  4. Indirect airtime purchases- 0.35%
  5. Direct data purchases- 10%
  6. Indirect data purchases- 1%
  7. Direct cable TV subscriptions -N0
  8. Indirect cable TV subscriptions- 10
  9. Direct electricity bill payment- N40
  10. Indirect electricity bill payment- N10
The total earnings from bringing or having more and more people to your business run into millions. Also the potential earnings from indirect purchases run into millions and these come from virtual top ups.

You can realize your dreams to international trip, cars and houses through the incentive packages.

Int'l trip fundN500,000
Car fundN2,000,000
Big House fund N3,000,000
Bigger house fund N4,000,000
Biggest house fundN6,000,000

Build A System Of Telecom Users

You can build a system of telecom users from 100 to 1000 to 10,000 to 100,000

The statistics below gives a summary of what can be earned if you have about 100,000 subscribers in your telecom system of users


From the above it is sure that the opportunity from its inception is planned to work and with your own effort and actions you can actually make it successfuly realize your future dreams. In the next article post you will find details information on what it actually involve in building and growing an RAGP VTU telecom business opportunity

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