How to Make Money and Build Wealth from Passive Income Ideas

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You can actually make money and build wealth no matter your background!

Passive Income Ideas-Learn It! Do It! Make the Money!

One way to build a persistent growing income returns is to build value by way of passive income ideas. You can build values by following the path that leads to success through many passive income opportunities like promoting other people's stuff, producing and promoting your own products, online information marketing, setting up your own blog, connecting with people, be a good designer and by learning how to code and from many passive income ideas. This article helps you view passive income with proper mindset so that you can walk through the right part and follow the track records of high income earners on the internet and replicate what they do. You will find below some few roadways for your success digest.

Understanding Passive Income

Passive Income Definition

The world passive means inactive. Whatever becomes inactive must start with a measure of great activity and aliveness in the initial stage. Passive income can thus be synonymous with residual income. A passive income is income that keeps flowing many years into the future as residue after the initial effort that created it has been completed. Little or no further effort may be required to keep maintaining the income.

How to Generate Passive Income

You can generate passive income simply by following the practical details and steps of many successful online income earners. You need to study their work. their approaches, and the mistakes they have made in their course of struggle. You can replicate their records of success why you avoid their mistakes. The success path of the great online earners can thus be summarized with the following phrases;

Learn it!

Do it!

Make the money!

Learn It! Learn Smart Passive Income Ideas!

The power of success lies greatly in learning. Learning actually leads to knowledge while knowledge leads to practice. Below is a consideration of what you need to learn.

1st step

Building an Idea into Profitable Niche Market


Your starting point is carving out a profitable passive income niche market for your online business. This begins with an idea. An idea may originate from you, from what you already known, from your interests, from your hobbies, from your professions or from seminars you have attended. You can as well leverage on other peoples ideas by promoting their products by way of effective product reviews. You can as well learn over 20 sources of online and offline businesses and carve any of them out to a profitable online niche venture. Below are some of the passive income ideas business ventures


Passive Income Ideas Business Opportunities

  • Investment in savings account
  • Investment in Certificate of Deposit, Treasury bills
  • Investment in trust units, shares and stocks
  • Taking up insurance policy like annuity
  • Info marketing through e book publishing
  • Affiliates programs like Amazon associate
  • online MLM or network marketing
  • Domain name registration and hosting
  • Subscription services/membership sites
  • Blogging for profit
  • Contextual ads like Google adsense
  • Selling ads space for blog and site owners
  • Online tutorial training services
  • Set up an online store for taking orders
  • App creation
  • Selling photos, pictures and images for sites usage
  • Selling web design templates for sites usage
  • Online payment solution through the use of merchant account or third party credit card processing facilities
  • Sales of specialized software
  • Free gifts with back end products

2nd step

Keyword Research

The next step in the learn it! is to do keyword research for your planned niche market. Keyword research otherwise called market research is very important to your success.You can make use of Google keyword planner as a starting point. Other keyword research tools include: Keyword-discovery, Word tracker, Wordez, Keyword pro. With proper keywords you cam position your new business for proper SEO by building your blog or site around your keywords because it is through your keywords that people can locate your blog or website through search engines when people search for these keywords. For keyword research, it is suggested that going for low competition long tailed keyword will be the win strategy. A keyword may be one word, two words, three words, four words, five words phrase or even six word phrase. Choosing one word keyword phrase as your keyword may never be profitable because people search most times with words combinations. A long tailed keywords with many words combinations will be profitable if Google keyword planner returns about 500 searches per month. It is said to be low competition if you search for this keyword at Google and the number of pages returns in the SERPS are less than one million. Effective keyword research to carve out a niche may be from any of the following areas of human fields:

advertising, aerospace, agriculture/farming, antiques/collectibles apparel/clothing/fashion, architecture/buildings, arts/crafts, auctions, automotive, aviation, beverages,books,chemicals,children/ parenting,cleaning, communications/media, computers, construction, consulting, conversions/trade shows, design, disabilities, education, electronics, employment, energy, engineering, entertainment,environment, ergonomics, financial services, food, games,government,health,hobbies, home/garden/flower/plants,hospitality/entertaining,information, jewelry, law,make money, manufacturing, minerals, music, new age,office supplies, publishing, real estate, religion/spirituality, research and development, retail management, science, security, sex,software, sports,telecommunications, toys, trade, transportation, travel, video,weather and wild life.

3rd step

Establish your Online Business Presence

After proper keyword research, you need to get your business name ready. Your business name is the domain name for your business and should be carefully chosen because it is your online estate. Your choice of domain name may be based on your keyword and this may be exact match or broad match. After the choice of a name, you need to register your domain name with a domain name registrar. After the registration you need to get a host for your passive income niche site. There are many good hosts online.

4th step

Write and Post Quality Contents on your Blog Feverishly

The next step is to write and post quality shareable contents for your blog or site.You need to install a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or you can build one if you like to be unique like myself. The most populous CMS is WordPress. A CMS helps you to easily organize your contents and you cam easily enhance your online presence by means of relevant plugins which enhance the functionality of your CMS. While working out quality contents for your blog or site, take note that a good quality content is highly refreshing for shareability. if a content is sharable then it can produce a viral effect. You can search for some good points on how write a good content. You can visit a couple of websites like:,, and on writing good contents. Your initial target should be at least ten to twelve topics covering various subject matters in relation to your keywords and should write at least 800 to 1000 words on each topic. Search engines rank high long relevant keyword quality sentences. To stabilize your ranking, it is suggested that new and fresh content should be posted on your blog or site at least once every seven days if the frequency of every day is not realizable. The next thing to do is to sell it! sell your online passive income niche business.

Do It!

The practical aspect of how to generate passive income is in the power of do it! You have to take action by carrying out the necessary things stepwise

Make the money!

You can actually make the money through the power of pre selling and selling. Many of us shy way by accepting the fact that the money is actually in selling. It is possible to make anything sell online or offline including your profitable niche online source of earnings. selling is about creating awareness for what you have to offer. In the online world, you sell by driving traffic or people to come to your website. You combine the power of words with deadly online advertising techniques. You will do well to review the subject of: 39 keywords marketers use to find buyers for their products. There are various ways you can drive traffic to your profitable online niche. You find below about 20 sources of untapped traffic to your blog. 20 sources of untapped traffic for your online passive income niche site

  • Blog commenting
  • Forum marketing
  • Building authority and save links
  • Content marketing
  • Tutorial websites
  • Video marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Submit press releases
  • Donate to charities
  • Submit to directories
  • Image sharing websites
  • Questions and answer sites
  • Social sites marketing e.g Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus
  • Ebay traffic
  • Share slides
  • Submit podcasts to audio sharing sites
  • Advertising on high traffic sites
  • Expired Domains
  • Document sharing sites
  • Pay per click advertising
After you have learned how to effectively drive traffic with the above methods, then you need to learn how to monetize your online business your site. This learning process will take us to the next action step

Monetize your blog or site

All work and efforts carry out is to make money for sustainable online income growth. You can actually make the money by wisely monetize your blog. You can actually achieve this in various ways.

  • Placing Google Ad sense codes or any other conceptual advert
  • selling other peoples stuff by way of affiliate marketing accompanied by great product reviews
  • Selling direct advertisement space on your site if your site or blog is highly trafficked
  • Selling your own products through e-books or software sales
  • Offering direct services like web design and development or by means of consultancy services
  • selling through list building
  • Membership sites

Possible mistakes to avoid

Mistakes that Need to be Avoided

  • Falure to get a good mentor
  • Failure to carry out effective keyword research
  • Not making use of the power of outsourcing if you can afford it at early stage
  • Free tools may not be enough, buy what is relevant as at when needed
  • Failure to learn continuously from industry leaders
  • Failure to know and follow online money making trends
  • Not learning and following the direction of money flow

Learn the Good Qualities of Great Passive Income Earners

Those who succeed in their struggle to make money online are able to do so because they carry in their pocket a handful of qualities which they referenced at any given pint in time. These attributes are required for anybody to succeed in the online money making course. These qualities are mentioned below:

  • The spirit of entrepreneurship
  • Never quit spirit
  • Dynamism
  • Leadership spirit
  • Building a working system
  • continuous improvement
  • Opportunities
  • Discipline
  • Power of leverage
  • Big dream
  • Action and practice
  • Optimism
  • Perseverance

While the above gives a summary of steps in generating passive income

The practical detail actions is made available to you in below master course

The above three practical steps are the success secret formula to earn a passive income on the internet.

The power of learning leads to knowledge.

The power of knowledge leads to success.

Passive income is a business cycle system.

All successful online marketers learn and run an online business cycle system that works.

You should learn online business models that work from scratch to growth stage.

After learning comes Sell! Sell! Sell!

The power of presell, traffic and traffic conversion can make anything sell including any online business system model.

Next in the passive income business system model is to make the money!

Making the money comes out of best monetization model.

Learn the 3 simple practical steps now from:

Build value plusbuild traffic master course

Build Value plusBuild Trafficequals Online passive income business

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Build your own online passive income business from the
power of value content and traffic


  • Internet history-a basis for building value plus traffic
  • Turn an idea into a profitable Niche market
  • keyword research model
  • Unique name proposition
  • Getting established online with best money making tools
  • Build an SEO cmpliant blog or a website through a CMS
  • Run a marketing campaign through the power of presell and traffic building
  • Graduate with best monetization models
  • Analyze your performance report for better traffic conversion to sales.
  • Make your online business a going concern
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