How to build a database driven website from scratch

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You can build your own database driven website from scratch with either knowledge of codes or using specialised software or content management

How to build a database driven website with dreamweaver-php-and-mysql

Most of the major websites including e-commerce sites are powered by database. A database website can automatically updates itself. Database websites are made possible by means of database administration tool like mysql which is used to design and structure a database .There are other database management tools like ORACLE, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, ACCESS and others.. It is actially posible to build a database driven website within Dreamweaver, PHP and MYSQL. It is worthy of note that major websites are managed with MYSQL as a database management system. (DBMS)

Resourceful materials to help you build your own database website.

You can get some excellent resourceful materials covering setting up your working environment to building a database driven website from the following links.

Other websites worth visiting for resourceful materials include:

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