Microfiber fill Down Alternative Pillow By Five Star Review

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Microfiber fill down alternative pillow by five star is a quality pillow which provides the softness of down and right support for side, back and stomach sleepers

A must have down alternative pillow by five star for better night rest
Ratings is 4.2 out of 5.0 stars by over 1100 customers
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Construction and fill

The pillow is filled with soft fiber, soft as down and yet firm enough. It is 100% hypoallergenic. The 100% Microfiber fill provides great loft recovery and does not shift.

The cover of the pillow is made up of 100% cotton

There are various sizes available. These are: Euro, King, Queen and Standard.

The Benefits Of Microfiber Fill Down Alternative Pillow By Five Star With 100% Cotton Fabric Cover

The 100% cotton cover 300 thread count makes it very breathable and hence does not make it retain heat. If you suffer from Asthma and allergies, you will find the pillow highly supportive and a choice pillow.

You can easily care for for the pillow. It is machine washable while you dry it on a cool setting

The pillow meets various sleep position supports. If you sleep on your side, stomach and back the pillow provides the softness of down but is comfortable to give support to any of the mentioned sleep positions.

It is neither too soft nor too firm but gives a perfect balance support to your neck, nor too fluffy when sleeping on the pillow

Some Customer Review Comments

  • A particular Customer did fell in love with the pillow. He loves the pillow because he found it to be much firmer than he expected, and he found it to be of great quality.
  • Another customer found the microfiber fill pillow to be finally a great one for him. He is is ordering another one.
  • A customer found the down alternative to be best pillow he ever had. He said that every other pillow he had ever had hurts the cartilage in his ears but this one is different.

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Other Details

it works great to help sitting on bed for reading or working on laptop

If you are considering a pillow as a gift to a friend or a relative, just pick a copy of the microfiber fill down alternative pillow. Its unique package in a plastic container makes it easily stored and carried about for travel.

On purchase, it comes with one year limited warranty


The micro fiber fill down alternative pillow by Five stars is a great pillow and must have. You will surely love the bedding pillow. It will be a great investment at a great price. Check out prize now at Amazonbuy from Amazon

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