Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow Review

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The Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow review helps you to appreciate the benefits of a pillow filled with naturally grown material. The pillow contains buckwheat hulls which allow easy air circulation to make you stay cool all night long and it gives necessary support for your head and neck.

beans72 organic buckwheat pillows
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Construction Features And Benefits

The Beans72 buckwheat pillow gives you the beauty of what nature can give. It is filled with 100% handpicked American grown buckwheat hulls which allow air to circulate throughout the pillow, cooling it off quickly. They are made in USA. The pillowcase is made from 100% unbleached cotton fabric. You will find below the various sizes available

Various Sizes Available

  • Japanese size(14" x 20")
  • Twin/Standard Size (20"x26")
  • Queen Size (20" x 30")
  • Travel/ Child Size (11" x 16")

The pillow is a nice design for a side sleeper. You will surely fall in love with it.

The pillow can provide relieve to some common problems that go with sleep such as: tension, muscle pain, stiff neck, headache and stress.

It is easy to clean. You can wash the pillowcase, just unzip it, remove the buckwheat hulls, then proceed with the pillowcase washing

Some Consumers Experiences with Beans72 Pillow

Some helpful points shared below as found out during the review of Beans 72 Organic buckwheat pillow are the manufacturer and some of the users experiences. One of the complaints against the pillow is the internal hulls for the material fills that make rustle noise resulting from the hulls moving against one another but some have found this to be pleasant sound typical of buckwheat pillows.

  • The manufacturer is a Japanese who lived in America and from his childhood he has been sleeping with buckwheat hulls filled pillows. Having looked around and could not find one, he decided to manufacture his own buckwheat pillow. The buckwheat hulls were grown naturally without herbicides, subjected to three cleaning processes of removing dust, debris and buckwheat flour
  • A consumer who was having horrible neck pain for almost a year and who finally decided to try something very different upon a friend's recommendation had this pillow completely eliminated his neck pain and the resultant headaches. Since he got it he has been sleeping better and as a side sleeper he found the pillow to be absolutely perfect in terms of support and comfort. He said further that if he comes across it without a recommendation he would have passed by it because it is so different. He concluded that the pillow actually turned out to be what he needed.
  • The customer had used it and after a month he offered his comments. He said it is ok, he found out that it does shape to your head and is very adjustable but it isn't very soft. He explained that the beads are bigger than he was expecting and that it does not smell if you put two pillow cases on it since he is extremely sensitive to smells but can't notice anything. He noticed that the pillow is becoming a little softer as time goes on.
  • The customer gave it a month trial, added and removed some hulls until he got to a level where he felt it would be enough but he concluded that it is well built product, though it did not cure his problem.
  • As shared by this customer who was normally a restless sleeper tossing and turning all throughout the night. He eventually found the problem stopped with Beans72. He now wakes up in the same position because the pillow gives him the support he needs. He rounded up his statement by saying that it does worth the purchase and wish anyone who tries out the pillow happy sleeping.

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Comparing with Foam, Feather and other pillow types

The Beans72 are filled with naturally grown buckwheat husks. Many who prefer pillows filled with natural materials other than feathers will love buckwheat pillows.

Buckwheat husks are small to smooth feel making them comfortable and densely packed to give better support than feather pillows. The pillow adjust itself to your neck, head and spine and generally will not collapse like foam.

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Other Important Information

The buckwheat hulls natural pores make easy room for temperature regulation, leading to good breathability due to air circulation making you staying cool all night long.

The pillowcase made with cotton fabric is durable, comfortable to texture and smooth to sleep.

Adjusting Your Pillow With Buckwheat Hulls Replacement. The pillow comes with enough buckwheat hulls but you can adjust the hulls, just unzip the pillow case, then add or remove hulls until it get to a level that meet your needs for comfort and support.

beans72 organic buckwheat hulls

Why The Buckwheat Pillow Can Serve You!

This pillow is an excellent support for head and neck to gain a good sleep each day. Anyone who desires a pillow filled with natural material like buckwheat hulls other than synthetic material such as foam will love it. Whether you are getting it as a first pillow or replacement for an old one or you are out to try something different you will find it to be a pillow of choice.Check out for your own at Amazon buy from Amazon

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