Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow Review

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If you want to have a two in one pillow that gives support, comfort and relief from neck pain the Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Pillow will work out the wonders for you and you will wake up each day feel vibrant and healthy.

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow
Ratings is 3.7 out of 5.0 stars by over 500 customers
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Unique Design For Support, Comfort And Pain Relief

The pillow has two sides of design to it. The neck roll side is for support, since it is gentler and softer to use while the traction V side which looks like letter V to you gives a little stretch or traction to your neck. The two sides can conveniently accommodate you for good sleep. If you need a sleep support or your neck area is sensitive use the support side but if you seek a relief to neck pains use the V side since it is therapeutically built to give relief.

Product Details, Features And Sleep Positions Support

It comes in 3 sizes

  • small (20X15)
  • medium (24X17)
  • large (28X17)

The sizes are made to conform with your bed sizes. The small is for twin or small bed. The medium is for queen size bed. The large is for King size bed. Most people go for the medium size, while those who love to travel with their pillows or love to sleep on smaller pillow buy the small size.

The material fill is polyester fiber

The Arc4life pillow offers excellent support for side and back sleeping positions. It can be used for sleeping on your back and sleeping on your side. Use the traction side of the pillow (side with the V) for a gentle stretch or use the opposite support side for excellent support of the cervical spine.

It Gives Relief To Neck Pain And Many Sleep Problems

The Aec4life Neck pillow is designed to give relief to patients who experience neck pain or symptoms of neck pain. Since it is difficult to have good sleep during the period of such neck pain, it gives both support and relief.

It can provide relief to patients with back pain, neck support, stiff neck, snoring, headaches, sleeping aid, military neck or forward head posture, herniated disc, pinched nerve, arthritis, degeneration, occipital neuralgia and bulging disc, cervical radiculopathy and reverse curve.

Customers Positive Review Comments And Complaints

The following customers who actually purchased and used one of the three sizes of Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Pillow share their experiences with the pillow as follows

  • One customer said that it is surprisingly good, another one said that it is the perfect pillow while the third one said that it is fantastic. The pillow was found to actually hold its shape and the V shape in the middle does indeed keep the head in its proper place while sleeping. Though it may be expensive but worth it
  • This customer actually recommended it to be bought for everyone in the family. He said he had spent thousands of dollars on physical therapists and X-rays for severe neck pain and acute torticollis. but found the Arc4life Neck Pillow to have taken all of his neck pain away. He highly recommends this product!
  • This customer said that it is excellent medicine for neck pain issues. According to him, he has a history of spine and neck trauma, with continued complications. He started sleeping without a pillow because he couldn't find one that was comfortable. He said he did a little online homework, which led him to Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow, and he decided to give it a shot. Though he found it a lot to pay for it but he said that it worth it. He has slept better, and have had less neck pain because of this pillow, and significantly more comfortable than when he was sleeping with no pillow.

There are many of such positive comments about the pillow, but the complaint is that it may take a while to get accustomed to its use by some individual who are in need of relief.

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Other Important Information

It reduces snoring. This is made possible because the whole body lays down in the best position and this helps the muscles, the tendons, the nerves and the structures of the cervical spine to become relaxed leading to increase blood circulation and consequently reduced snoring and pains

A period of adjustment to get used to the pillow may occur for certain patients. To start using the pillow sleep with the support side or gradually the traction side for 5-10 minutes the first night and gradually increase the time subsequent night.

Your Choice To Have The Neck Pillow

As we have seen from this Arc4life cervical traction neck pillow review, This pillow is really excellent to give support for the head and neck. It accommodates anyone for a sound sleep each day because it keeps the head in the right position for a good rest and sleep.

It is a proper pillow for sleep for anyone with neck and muscle pain. It relieves pressure by supporting your neck and head thereby making pains to varnish. The pillow has also put joy on the faces of patients with any of the scores of sleep problems mentioned above as attested to by many consumers..


The joy of waking up each day with a lot of reserved energy for the days running activities is great. A good pillow companion that actually does the job either for support and comfort or for pain relief may be turned to and acquired either for a new pillow investment or replacement for existing pillows. Whatever amount is committed as investment for joy of good sleep is worth it. You can pick your own copy now from Amazonbuy from Amazon

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