The Best Therapeutic Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain Pillo1 Review

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You will surely wake up pain free each morning, put stiffness, and restless nights behind you with the best therapeutic cervical pillow for neck pain pillo1. As you will find out from below, it is one of the first and best cervical pillows for rest, comfort, support and for neck pain relief no matter your sleeping position.

The Construction Design And Benefits

This pillo1 design is the outcome of many years of prototype work by Dr Raymond Hall, a pro-athlete/celebrity chiropractor and sleep science expert with many years of experience and research in treating professional athletes and in healing many patients with spine and neck injuries. It is made from natural Talalay Latex and It is made in USA. It is in either of small or large size

The best therapeutic cervical pillo1
3.7 out of 5 stars, 90+ customer reviews
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  • This cervical pillow will make you fall asleep 19% faster and increase your restorative Rapid Eye Movement(REM) sleep by 21.3%.
  • It makes you wake highly refreshed each morning without any pain and help you put pain, stiffness and restless nights far behind you. It is perfect for people with sleeping disorders and narcolepsy.
  • It is guaranteed that it will relief neck pain in 30 days or your money back.
  • It addresses the issues of snoring as a breathing problem and poor circulation.
  • It provides cervical support and improved spinal alignment through incredible cervical support.

It Is Perfect For Back, Stomach, Side And All Sleeping Positions

A unique advanced design is embedded in this bedding product by incorporating the most three essential things anyone must look for in a good pillow, namely, neck support, comfort and rest. It is formulated with material design for both side, back, stomach sleepers and even various sleeping positions with high-quality non-toxic foam.

Pillow For Neck Pain Relief

The pillo1 is ergonomically designed to give great health benefits to their users by providing support, comfort and restful sleep each day.

It is one of therapeutic cervical pillows for neck pain designed to improve quality of life through good sleep by providing relief to all related sleep medical conditions like chronic headaches, neck and back pain, snoring, poor circulation and stiffness which result from bad pillow design. The product is sure to relief pain or money refund back guarantee within 30 days. It is the perfect pillow for the cervical curve in your neck.

You will feel cool all night Long

The pillow makes you feel cool all night because of the ventilation hole added to the foam material.

The Talalay latex fill makes it a better pillow

Talalay latex made pillows are found to be of more great advantages when compared with memory foam pillows. Made with extract from rubber trees, It is more conforming, 20 times more durable, naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal, or protection from dust mites. They are without harmful off gas compounds and thus no odor of memory foam products. They easily dissipate heat and thus control temperature because they are 7 times more breathable due to their open cell structure giving optimal comfort at night.

Consumers Positive Review Reports And Complaints

You will find below samples of reports from consumers who purchased and used the best therapeutic cervical pillow for neck pain pillo1.

  • Consumer A. He found it to be his favorite pillow of a lifetime. He has searched for the right pillow for so many years. After using this pillow for neck pain, he fell in love with it. He said that the customer service was pretty good. He highly recommends this pillow because latex is so much better than synthetic.
  • Consumer B. He said that there was no tension in neck and shoulder. The customer ended his 30years of right pillow search with this latex foam bed product. He said that the first morning he woke up after using it was surprising because no neck pain or tension at all and he had used it every night since. He takes it everywhere he travels to. The foam is not as hot as the memory foam and it had no smell at all. He said he would recommend this for anyone who experiences neck tension every night.
  • Consumer C. This customer described it as an awesome pillow. He said he no longer wake up with neck pains or muscle strains in his neck. He has been using it for over a year and he found that he sleeps better and wake up refreshed. He said he would highly recommend this pillow to anyone suffering from neck and back pain.
  • Consumer D This customer said that he sleeps soundly through the night in a state of utmost comfort, and wake up ready to push his abilities in the water. He recommended it for anyone who is an athlete looking for quicker bodily recovery, or just want a better sleep

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Other Details

Excellent customer service

Pillo1 is known for their ultra-fast delivery, great communication and excellent packaging. One customer said that his ordered item was in top-notch condition. He highly recommend this seller A+++. Another customer said that his ordered item was delivered two days before schedule.

It is safe for use. It is made in USA. It is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, environmentally friendly and antimicrobial.

30 days money refund guarantee. After purchase you can enjoy 30 days sleep trial test period and if you are not satisfied just request for unconditional meney refund.

Other brands of Pillo1

While the original pillo1 can perfectly fit side, back and different sleeping positions, Pillo1 for side sleeper with image below is designed for those who love to sleep on their sides 100% of the time. It is made with the same quality talalay latex rubber foam, It is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, antimicrobial, and eco-friendly. It is available in any of small, medium and large size

pillo1 side sleeper

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You Will Find It To Be A Worth While Investment

Pillo1 can be said to be pricey when compared with other regular cervical bed pillows, but the long term investment in this pillow for neck pain relief is well worth it for the invaluable quality and comfort.


You can get to sleep faster and give yourself restorative sleep after the day's work stress. With Dr. Hall's therapeutic pillow for neck pain pillo1 you will get the best sleeping aid and improve the quality of your life through better sleep. it will turn out to be one of your best investments ever. You can not put a price tag on quality of life, the more you feel good the better life is. Buy your own today! Check out for it at Amazonbuy from Amazon

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