Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow Review

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With the right sleep support product like Sleep Innovations Countour Memory Foam Pillow you can enjoy a night sleep full of good memories of optimal comfort. You can wake up each day better you with a good store of vibrant energy from a night sleep free of pains.

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow
Ratings is 4.0 out of 5.0 stars by over 3100 customers
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The Sleep Well Collection Innovations

The contoured memory foam pillow by Sleep Innovation is part of the products in the Sleep Well collection. These products are designed to provide therapeutic support and optimal comfort for a deeper sleep and better you because not having the right sleep product causes aches, pains and sleepless nights.

Construction Features And Many Benefits

Contour shape offers great adavantages. The pillow serves its users and provide all necessary benefits as contoured orthopedic, therapeutic and comfort impressions pillow.

Therapeutically it cradles your head and neck giving the support that makes you sleep in a healthy position. While you use the pillow you enjoy the Orthopedic design advantages which allow your spinal alignment and this provides relief for sufferers of snoring, insomnia and stress. As a comfort impressions memory foam , it conforms to body contours providing greater personalized comfort. As the number one selling Contour support pillow, its contour keeps your head and neck naturally aligned while your tired muscles get relaxed and can rejuvenate while you sleep

The 2 in 1 advanced design of the memory foam. The typical 2 in 1 design is with the customers in minds. One side has a high loft and and the other side a low loft in other to accommodate your sleeping position choice, while both ends give support to your head and neck comfortably throughout the night.

Sleeping position support advantages The pillow is designed for maximum comfort for both Side and back sleepers but the high and low loft sides allow for all sleeping profiles The ergonomic shape promotes proper spinal alignment and provides support throughout the night.

The pillow hugs your shoulder and neck when you sleep on your side for better alignment and support. It is so comfortable that you don't need to manually adjust it to any shape, no tossing and turning from one side to the other throughout the night. It also quickly respond to body weight by providing support at exactly where it is needed while it molds itself to the shape of your head and shoulders

It is save for use The memory foam is allergy free, hypoallergenic, less likely to cause allergic reactions. Memory foam made in the USA thereby guaranteeing the quality of the foam.

Premium 3-pound Memory foam advantage. This allows body weight to be evenly distributed for improved circulation that soothes sensitive pressure points.

In built heat and temperature control technology. While traditional memory foam may fail to regulate heat for easy comfortable sleep throughout the night. For instance, Sure Temp memory foam with its unique formulation and manufacturing technology does not retain heat. It is made with exclusive Sure Temp open cell memory for improved air circulation for temperature and heat control tor a cooler night's sleep.

It is sure it will last long. It is fully Machine washable. The Soft terry velour cover with 75% Cotton and 25% polyester can easily be taken off for cleaning. The Advanced foam technology allows for enhanced durability. The memory pillow foam is backed by 5 year warranty.

Orthopedic pillow for relief proven results

The pillow with its orthopedic advantages may provide relief from pain, and sufferers of snoring, insomnia and stress. It relieves neck, shoulder and back pain by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to fully relax. If you are in to get relief from the above, then you will surely be aided by the orthopedic values added into the pillow design. You will find useful some of the actual customers' users comments given below.

Some Praises And Complaints From Online Customer reports!

  • Obe customer said said that he had had this for a year or two now and absolutely love it. He said that it is firm but with just enough give. It is contoured so that the upper end is higher, which works really well when he wants to elevate his head slightly so that he can read at night. But When he wants to sleep, he generally rests his head on the lower end, which works for him as he prefers low pillows. He continued by saying that It is also for great support when he wants to lay his head sideways, whether sleeping or reading. He is absolutely super happy with this pillow.
  • Another customer said that he can not sleep on a regular pillow now that he has tried this shape. He further said that It is a little firm, but he thinks it will soften a bit. Sleep Innovations is the best brand of this contour pillow that he has purchased, and he has two other brands plus an older model of Sleep Innovations.
  • This consumer said He stated that it is a great pillow that does e job. He was having trouble sleeping because he has a fused back in the lumbar region, and occasionally have neck and upper back issues because of it. Pillow is sturdy enough to support head and not collapse under its weight, but shaped in a way that keeps head in one place, and at a certain angle. He takes it along while traveling.

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Other Details

Odor of the contoured memory foam. On arrival, after unpacking the foam, you may experience a fresh foam odor typical of a memory foam. Be rest assured that the odor is never harmful, and on airing out for about 72 hours, the odor will disappear. On rear cases when the odor still persist, you can help out by spraying sparingly with Febreze or Lysol.

The worthwhile fair price. Comparing the Contoured memory foam by Sleep Innovations with some competitive product in the market, this pillow with its advanced technology formulation is more than therapeutic, it is orthopedic and ergonomic by extension. It comes in two sizes of queen and standard and their prices are fairly worthwhile. One customer sated that it is a great product at the right price.

Sleep Innovations thorough tests .All products by Sleep Innovations are tested to provide the ultimate in therapeutic comfort and to provide the same comfort experience of the leading memory foam competition but with a great value. Sleep Innovations is a well reputed brand name in foam product as evidence in what people are saying about the name and their products

Why The Pillow Will Serve You Well!

The contoured memory foam by sleep innovations has proved to be a leading best seller in pillows with contoured support. Over 2300 consumers shared their practical experiences with the pillow by way of written reviews on Amazon. The Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow get 4.0 out of 5.0 star and presently is in the forefront as the leading number one seller in contoured memory foam pillow.

  • One consumer said that it is great pillow. She continued by saying that her husband has back problems, he uses the pillow and it helps him to now sleep a lot.
  • Another consumer said that that the pillow really helped with his sore neck.
  • A customer said that it is fantastic for those looking to remedy poor posture.
  • Another customer was recommended to use a contoured pillow because of issues with a pinched nerve in his neck from poor posture. After using this pillow at night for a couple of weeks and being more conscious of his posture, he found out that the pinched nerve became alleviated and he feels generally feel better on a day to day basis.


The contoured pillow by Sleep Innovations is as described a sleep well pain free sleep fresh start better you for therapeutic comfort and orthopedic for reliefs from pains and sufferers of snoring, insomnia and stress. With its fair price buy from Amazon

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