11 Ways to Make People Buy and Increase Conversion Rate

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Every one who sells anything either products or services loves to have more ROI on their efforts by recording more and more sales. You can have a higher sales conversion of those who traffic your websites or blog by giving consideration to the following points which are ever relevant to make anyone increase his emotional response to be ready to pay for your products and services.

Points to consider for increase conversion rate

ways to increase conversion rate

  1. Become easily reached and accessible through various devices

    Recent statistics have shown that the number of people approaching blogs and websites through their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have surpassed desktop users.

    If your blog goes responsive and you optimize for proper keywords you are sure of getting your own share of traffic that flow through the use of mobile devices and desktops.

  2. Build a sales copy that moves anyone ready to act

    A sales copy makes use of the power of pre-sell to move any prospective visitor or buyer to act and be ready to buy what you have got to offer. Whether you are selling services or physical or downloadable products you want your prospective visitors to come across your sales copy first before directing them to the actual sales page.

    With a sales copy the convincing and persuasiveness required to motivate for further action is accomplished.

    For your sales copy to achieve the goals the following, the following sales copy inclusive items requirements should be evident on the sales copy.

    • Power packed, irresistible, interest arousing headline or title
      Some of the titles that have become effective include: Use of questions, products reviews, positive heart moving exclamatory title, negative emotional intelligence based title,controversial headlines.
    • Make the introductory part of the sales copy a mouth watering or an appetizer with the objective of preparing the heart and mind of the reader eager to read the rest of your sales copy.
    • In the body of your sales copy, include the benefits, advantages, pros of the products you want to offer. List these out in a bullet form.
  3. Do not fail to include free gifts and bonuses with your offer.
    People love free gifts and bonuses. Many have gone ahead to make some purchases because of free gifts and bonuses included especially if they are valuable and of high value to the main product being offered.
  4. Heart reaching conclusion
    Let the concluding part of your sales copy be heart reaching and make it a summary brief placing more emphasis on the reasons to buy.
  5. Call to action

    Call to action helps you achieve the objective of what you want your visitors to do what you want them to do, may be to click, to fill a form, to call or perhaps perform some functions as in filling forms for submission. You should be generous with call to action at strategic places throughout your sales copy or your article.

    Some have found out that putting call to action button at the top below the summary, at the middle, and bottom of of their articles have increased sales conversion rate.

  6. Target the right income earners bracket.
    Do a nice demographic and statistical analysis of the people to target and their age brackets. if you target the right set of people with the purchasing power then the likely more sales.
  7. Keep on tracking your performance
    A good ROI on investment is worthwhile the effort. Weather you are promoting an affiliate product, your own product, or services you need to track your performance so that your efforts are not thrown out into winds. Tracking will help you to know what and what bring more sales conversions. Use relevant online performance tracking devices.
  8. Target traffic that converts
    Trafic online is the bane of any online business service. Traffic comes from various sources but may not convert if they are not from right sources. Targeted traffic that come through keywords searching from search engines, advertising on highly trafficked websites relevant to your niche, for instance an online store, then advertising on site like amazon or another related site may bring the right kind of traffic. Before placing advertisement on any site, do a diligent search as to their site traffic statistics and be convinced that advertising through them will worth it.
  9. Have a definite simple contact
    Customers like dealing with real people they can easily identify with. Some online functionality with improved technology makes it possible for easy reach through e mail contact form on your site(and make sure that all enquiries are easily replied to within few hours but not later than 24 hours), online live charting, social medial outreach and phone through calls.
  10. Go social and build a list.

    The current ongoing activities that have taken the internet by storms and waves is social engagement. The need to build social engagement followers is now more readily pronounced than before.

    You should build followers on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, YouTube and posts regularly on the social platforms.

    You should likewise build a list and send messages to your list regularly for interaction level increase on certain aspects of your niche marketing or news interest in some areas of your online business niche. Frequent e mailing your list build their confidence level and trust and whenever you sell any product by way of recommendation to your list, it will easily be embraced and these consequently lead to more sales.

  11. Build your buyers confidence level and trust.
    Buyers confidence level and trust can be build from their emotional intelligence. People buy by attaching some emotional response to some matters of interest mentioned below.
    • offer money back guarantee and state refund policy.
      People love to buy if they notice that a window of trial and test is built into the product. You can offer a money back refund guarantee of 30days, 60days, 90days or more to boost the confidence level of your buyers since this will allow them a trial time to test out the product.
    • Allow for customers product reviews.
      This is part of selling features of e commerce stores like Amazon, Aliexpress and some sites. Those who have actually purchased and used the products can echo out their feelings and experience they have garnered over time buy submitting products reviews on your site. prospective buyers can go through the reviews comments of those customers and this will boost their confidence level to pay for the product, software or services.
    • TOS/Privacy policy
      You should be generous with this and get it updated from time to time as time flies and changes happen on your blog or site. Visitors will likely subscribe to your news letter or have an account created on you site if they find out that the privacy of their data like email address can never be compromised with third party person without their consent and if it is stated that data collected is only for marketing to them only.
  12. Promote trusted company products and services.
    Many buyers have attached emotional bur response to some companies products they have trusted over time. if you are looking for affiliates products to promote, get a lists of such companies and promote their products and services.
  13. State the warranty if it has one
  14. Get a seal of confidence placed on your site
  15. Promote, and promote with intelligence and be SEO compliant
    The more people that traffic your site if all things been equal the more sales you record. You should go for targeted traffic that easily converts. Use the most effective means including social media platforms, keyword search traffic through search engines and advertise on other sites with high record of traffic site stats . Optimize for some keywords use to get to your sites through search engines and use site stats meters to traffic performance.

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