How to Make Money From YouTube Videos to Create Powerful Passive Income Streams

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Many people who search for information now prefer to watch videos on the subject matter rather than reading. Everyday millions of videos are viewed online through the video sites as a prefer option to get answers to questions. YouTube is by Far the most visited video site with millions visiting it to watch videos on their areas of interest. This article look at how you can tap into daily mega millions streams of visitors to YouTube to build a powerful passive income streams by following the system described below.

Many blog or site owners who know the power of videos now plug videos into their websites in addition to articles. YouTube has become a source of targeted free traffic to blogs and sites and thus can be a source of veritable powerful streams of income. There are two ways to make money from YouTube.

  1. An individual can produce a simple system of profitable niche market by selling other peoples' stuff by way of affiliates or even by creating one's products. Relevant videos related to the products are shot, people are allowed to watch the videos, produce a sales page to direct people to from the videos and watch your income keeps coming in. Videos + reviews page/sales copy+order page for sales = streams of passive income commission
  2. An individual can join YouTube partner program

Steps to sell affiliates products or your own products Through YouTube


how to make money from youtube videos

Determine a profitable niche market to explore

Find a profitable niche with a record of purchasing products. You can get this by visiting any of the e-commerce sites. Visit, C Click, Click and check for hot selling products. You can visit their products categories and take note of their best selling products. You can research with Google Keywords Planner into any best seller to get more clues on how profitable a product is and how you can explore it to earn decent money out of it.

Set up a review page or sales copy for the product

The next step is to set up a review page or sales copy for the product before directing people to the order page. Setting up a review page or sales copy is tapping the benefits of power of pre-selling. A pre-selling product reviews page or sales copy will remove buying resistant from prospective customers. To set up a product reviews page or sales copy, you need to register a site name or you can start with a sub domain name on any of the free hosting platforms like, free World Press but is more professional to start with a registered domain name. You can register a name with Goddady.

Write Your reviews or sales copy for the product

Next in the line of action is to write a product review page or sales copy for the product you want to promote. If you are writing a sales page this can be a standalone product review page or informational products review page.

Creating Simple YouTube Videos

Any one can create a YouTube videos even without any previous experience by using simple online free or paid video creation tools. It doesn't take much time to create a video, just within two to 5 minutes. it is created. The type of videos may not be a live video but a simple video that can provide information on a project. Using the power of PowerPoint slide you can produce this kind of video along with an online free tool..

Steps to produce your videos

  • You can produce your own videos or outsource it by visiting places like can get relatively few number of videos produced for pennies
  • The first thing to do is to produce your video scripts detailing each step eg it may just be like 7 simple practical things you should do to generate passive income
  • Install PowerPoint or you can use Open office instead
  • Use PowerPoint to create a slide for each point contained in your scripts
  • Your first slide should be the introduction. Do not forget to include the URL of your site., you can include the pictures you want to use, then choose display format and save.
  • The next thing is to convert the PowerPoint slide into video format. You can make use of paid online software like Camstasia Studio but you can use free software like Download and install this free software on your system. This software functions by recording files or materials on your computer screen.
  • You can use a headset with a microphone inserted to your computer and read aloud the text showing on each slide. You should be sure that the environment is noise free.
  • If you want a background music you can get one at places like,
  • Submit your videos by uploading them to YouTube
  • Drive traffic to your videos outside Free traffic from YouTube from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, blogs and forums
  • Replicate the above process to produce as many videos as possibles on different points or topics to the same review page or sales copy

Points to note about your videos

  • Make your video to be very brief-3 to 5 minutes
  • Text included in your video should be well proofread and formatted
  • Read out the text very audibly
  • Make your videos to be professional, interesting, arousing or amusing
  • No noisy environment or background to interfere with your work
  • If you are to have a music background, make sure you use royalty free music
  • You can outsource your videos from any of the freelance site like

How to make money from YouTube Partner Program

YouTube partner program helps you start making money from the videos you get uploaded to YouTube. By joining the program, Google will display ads on your approved videos which can be clicked by viewers of the videos and you earn income The following are the steps to join the program
  • Create an account if you do not have one previously
  • Upload a video to YouTube from one of the videos you have had from your phones, webcam or cameras
  • Videos should be professional interesting, arousing, or amusing
  • You should own all the commercial rights to the video, including audio or visual,pictures and exclude all copyrighted songs if music background is to be included
  • YouTube has a collection of music for free use just change the sound track
  • Publish your videos

Summary points of this article

  1. Determine a profitable niche market by laying hold on best selling products to promote from any affiliates of your choice like Amazon. Click Bank, Click sure and many more or set up your own products
  2. set up a review page or sales copy for the product.You a re actually pre-selling here through a sales copy or product review page
  3. Create a simple YouTube videos
  4. Submit your videos to YouTube
  5. Replicate your videos
  6. Drive traffic to your videos


You can easily folow the above detail steps to generate passive income online. This is one of the many ways an individual can create streams of passive income from the internet. You can easily set up your own passive income online busness now!

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