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If you want immediate flow of website traffic to your niche site then the following sources of traffic are instant sources of website traffic to your passive income niche site or blog. You can easily tap each of these sources of traffic to get guaranteed visitors flow to your niche site. This article describes how to use these sources of guaranteed traffic for swarms of visitors to your blog or site.

Leverage on tutorial sites

guaranteed siurces of website traffic

There are many tutorial sites online you can tap website traffic from. If you are knowledgeable about a topic like web design, WordPress setup, internet programming, like PHP scripting or graphic design you can write a well worded article on any of the mentioned areas and submit to any tutorial site. The article will contain a link to your site. You can Google out many of these tutorial sites. Many of source sites include:,, Tutorialkit,com, or

Upload video responses

Traffic through video sites especially YouTube has been a major source of guaranteed visitors to any passive income niche site or blog. It has been estimated that over 10% of online traffic comes through video sites of which YouTube contributes about 70% of traffic through videos. Getting a desired guaranteed website traffic to your blog through videos, you can produce a video shoot on any of the interested topics on your niche and consequently upload this to YouTube or any other video sites. You can as well outsource the production of this video with little cost to nothing.

Submit press releases

You can submit press release on any of the major pres release sites on the internet. With press release you can inform people about your website or brand by submitting a press release. There are free as well as paid press release sites. Some paid press release site include, Webwire,com. Your press release will be distributed to thousands of major news sites and eventually this will give high quality back links and guaranteed visitors

Give donations to charities

If you donate to some charities online, this can also give you increase traffic to your niche site. While you donate to such charities they recognize your donations by way of inclusions of donors on their page.This acknowledgement usually contains a link back to your website. Some charities welcome any amount as low as ranging from $1 to $10 to $100.

You can create info graphics

Info graphics is no doubt one of the forms of content types use by bloggers or on websites. Through info graphics you can easily break down and explain with an improved understanding a complex topic for the users of the info graphics. one info graphic can bring to your niche site thousands of real website visitors or real website traffic because it can easily go viral.

Document sharing sites

You can also leverage on document sharing sites to send traffic to your passive income niche site. Such sites include:, All you need is just to convert any of your interested topic or article into power point slides ans submit them to any of the document sharing sites. You can also create PDF e books and submit them to PDF sharing sites like

Leverage on Audio sharing websites

You can also make use of audio sharing sites to send guaranteed free traffic to your blog or passive income niche site. Just as people love video, many also love video You can submit podcast to,, This can be an effective source of website traffic to your site.

Make use of image sharing sites

You can also get real website traffic through image sharing sites. Such sites include You can as well Google out some of these sites. just produce an image on any of your favorite topic or any market and submit your image to share it and include a link back to your site on the image.

Question and Answer sites

You can record great success in getting traffic from any question or answer site. Such sites include, and, Ask.comrnyou can visit any of these sites search for questions related to your website and provide an explanation on this. You can then give a page link to refer people to a page on your passive income niche site that has more information on the subject matter. By providing a further information on your website, you can be acknowledged as an authority on the subject matter. You can search Google for a full list of questions and answers.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest has become one of the great social marketing sites to be reckoned with on the internet. It has become a major source of driving traffic and visitors to niche sites. It is an image sharing site, just create an account, upload your image and link back to your site.

Facebook marketing

Facebook is one of the greatest social marketing sites on the internet. You can get mammoth amount of website traffic to your site through Facebook marketing. See the article-Earn passive income by increase website traffic with social media sites

Forum marketing

Forum marketing is one of the oldest type of cheap and source of free traffic to any site. Many marketers have relatively left this source of free traffic because of the birth of SEO. Forum marketing is still more relevant in getting targeted traffic to your niche sites. You can search for relevant forums in your niche, create account with them and participate actively in them but do not spam. From forums you can get involved to display your knowledge by mentoring and giving helps. The benefits of participating in forums is immediate, instant website traffic.

Buy targeted traffic from high traffic sites

You can purchase traffic from high traffic sites in returns for instant traffic to your website or blog. You can search for many of such traffic sites, look at their rates and get estimates of traffic volumes to such sites before paying for targeted traffic.

Other techniques for getting traffic to your pass income niche site

There are other techniques for sourcing for website traffic which can be tapped by individuals. These may range from PPC like AdWords, submission to directories. Detailed information on how to get traffic to any site is contained in the online tutorial at and many others which you can get from build value build traffic master course

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