Effective Marketing Campaign for Your Passive Income Niche blog

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To realize your ultimate goal of earnings an ongoing decent income after you have put up a passive income niche blog or site, you need an effective marketing campaign system. In this article we will look at various ways and strategies that will lead to desired results in getting constant inflow of traffic to your blog

Quality of web design


When visitors come to your blog or site, the first thing that catches their attention is your website design Your blog should incorporate latest design approach with minimal graphics for pictorial digestion. You can as well adopt the responsive design approach which makes it possible for your blog or site to be viewed on various devices include mobile devices. The need to give consideration to mobile users is great because there has been a great increase among numbers of users who visit blogs and websites on their mobile devices. A good web design should, among other things include:

It should be of good design

Your website or blog should be of good design to attract so that it can retain the patience of your visitors. It should be designed with good color mixing in their best practice. The structure of your design should be laid with CSS- Cascading Style Sheets. If you make use of a CMS where you need to choose a theme or template for your blog, then your theme should be mobile ready.

Make use of Google webmaster quality guidelines.

A good web design should meet Google quality webmaster guidelines. These guidelines contain the best practice standards to be refrenched in your design. A great emphasis should be given to quality content and layout of your navigating links. Your blog navigating links should not be confusing but should be able to direct users appropriately in locating any page url on your site.

Your web design should be SEO friendly compliant

You should take note that SEO is a key factor to be considered in great marketing campaign. SEO is part of Search engine marketing(SEM). If you comply with the latest SEO trends, then your blog or site will be part of SERPS whenever people search for information with the keywords you chose for your site. You should have a checklist of SEO requirements and get it updated from time to time because SEO is dynamic and ever evolves new additions and renewals of outdated web practices in line with changing and updating web standards.

Build authority links

Link building is a relevant thing in the world of SEO and authority links count for good search engine ranking especially with Google. Links from authority sites in your niche and links from high ranked sites in related niche carry much weight in the eye of Google. Also links from major corporations sites can give you authority links. By and large you should endeavor to build links from valuable sources which will not attract any penalty from Google. Link building makes your website rank higher and it can be a source of traffic flow for your blog many years to come and this will ultimately convert to more traffic and sales.

Make use of effective email marketing campaign

Email marketing is by far the most important marketing campaign to get a good ROI from your passive income niche site. Statistics have shown that returns on email campaign is about 400% compared with other marketing strategies. If you employ the best email marketing tools for your niche you will get good results. Some of the great email marketing tools include Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchamp, Leadpages, Infusionist.

Make use of Facebook and other marketing social media in reaching your audience

Activities on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest there is no doubt has gathered momentum. if you employ the above social media efficiently, you will get massive traffic. There is a need to increase activities on social because Google is in love with social and Google incorporates social into its search queries. Increased activities on social will improve your page ranking on Google.

Make use of YouTube to generate traffic

For effective marketing campaign, you should make use of YouTube. In recent times people watch videos to find answers to their questions in additions to the traditional and formal text reading. Video watch is easily remembered and conceptualized. Everyday there are billions of video views on YouTube and other video sites. You can produce a video on any of your interested articles and this can easily be outsourced with just few pennies on freelance sites like Fiver.com, CMSdone4you.com, Odesk.com

Make use of other forms of contents

Contents for your blog may be produced in various forms in addition to text. Various people have affinity for various presentations appeals. Your contents should come in various forms like white paper, slides, images or pictures, videos, info graphics, podcast.

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