Passive Income for Web Designers and Developers

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There are many web designers and web developers who earn recurring passive income online. You can as well smile to bank always from the various web design and development services described in this article.

passive income for web designers

In the online world, many seek the services of web designers and developers. People use the term web designer to describe both designer and developer. This is used widely because it is not easy to find another suitable term to replace web designer. From the language of the World Wide Web a website designer is different from a website developer. Below, we will look at what both entail and how to acquire skills in both fields with the ultimate aim of generating passive income with the skills

Today there are millions of websites and blogs on the World Wide Web. Each of these blogs or websites may look unique and different because of the finishing touches in the areas of website design and development. Looking at both professions, we can say that they are both complimentary because a great web design work may end with web development.

Web Design

This deals with designing a web or blog layout or simply taken, it is the look and feel of any site or blog, the way a site looks . This may not require any coding Knowledge on the part of the designer.

Web Development

This involves all the work to be done to make the website interactive by making the website pages do what the owner wants it to do. Interractivity may involve: log in, log out, filling and submitting of forms and many more activities. Good knowledge internet programming language is required..

Need for Website Design and Development

Getting a website designed and developed is a requirement for any blog or website to show its existence on the internet. Each year million of domain names are registered but their being known is through website design and development. This means that there are literally millions of web design and development jobs offer awaiting or on the list. Any person whatsoever can become a web designer and developer and website design and development can thus prove to be a source for generating passive income Below are some helpful hints and tips that can assist anyone who wants to constantly and perhaps continuously generate passive income by acquiring skills in web design and development.

How to get started

First step To get started with this lovely and great profession, you first need to know the necessary skills to acquire and the course of study or learning. A good website designer will have a better understanding of graphics. A good knowledge of graphics is required in designing: logos, e-fliers, banners, templates, e-book covers, icons, vectors, images and pictures. The above graphical outputs are part of great web designer skills. it is very much possible to acquire the graphical skills online by learning how to use some software like Photoshop, Firewalls and Corel Draw

Second step Another course of study also involves a good knowledge of HTML fundamentals and Cascading style sheet -CSS. You can acquire HTML and CSS skills online by visiting some online free tutorials. Knowledge of HTML and CSS can help you to code your website layout or blog if you have flair for coding. Some good places where you can learn HTML and CSS for free include:, and a host of others You can search through Google for more free tutorial sites.

Third step In your website design course you should have some knowledge of how to use some website design software like: Dream Weaver, Front Page, Coffee Cup, Web Expression. etc. With the aid of software like Dream Weaver you can get to know how to design a website or blog without any coding knowledge or background. These software can best be summarized as WYSIWYG. You can make use of any of these software in designing your website layout and template and also giving finishing touches to your design.

Fourth step The latest trend in website design involves the use of Content Management System -CMS. Ability to be able to instal a CMS and have and be able to worl with a theme ans some plugins is needed. An CMS makes it possible to incorporate good web design with easy content arrangement by choosing a template or a theme. You should be a able to install some CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc.

Fifth step You can enhance your knowledge of web design by acquiring some skills in web development. You can get to know some internet programming language like :CGI,PHP,ASP,ASP.NET,JAVASCRIPT,and possibly XML.You can as well learn these free from,,and A good knowledge of database knowledge and management is also required to be a website developer. Some database structure include MySQL, Oracle, Access,SQL Server,etc. Your database knowledge and experience will make you a complete web developer.

How to Apply your Website Design and Development Skills to Generate Passive Income

Having acquired the necessary skills in the field of website design and development, you can make use of these skills to generate passive income continuously. The various ways you can apply these are mentioned below.

1. You can sell graphic works like logos, templates,images, pictures, drawings and photos on the internet.

2.You can develop your own profitable niche blog or website and monetize it to generate passive income.

3.You can design a blog or website for giving an online tutorial on website design and development for fees.

4..You can seek online jobs for website design and development and maintenance for website owners.

5.You can generate continuous cash by selling your skills at places like ;,.,, and a host of other freelance sites..

6.You can write books on website design and development and sell them at places like Amazon.

7.You can develop plugins for major CMS like WordPress.

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