7 Simple Wise Things You Should Do to Generate Passive Income

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Your desire to generate passive income cash online 24/7 can b e successful one if you follow the parts to success. The parts to succeed online is to implements the essential seven simple but practical steps discussed below.</p>

Create a niche market

simple wise things to passive income

The first thing to do in an effort to generate cash online is to create a niche for oneself. A niche is possibly subject matter of your blog or website. It is the smaller or smallest unit of any market in any areas of human endeavor.Various areas of human endeavors include:advertising, aerospace, agriculture/farming, antiques, auctions, arts/crafts, communication/media, financial services, hobbies, travel and video just to mention a few. There is no virtually any areas which ha not been covered but it is possible to carve out a niche in any of the above which ultimately form a market. For instance, nutrition sector is a big industry but various forms of nutrition may include: overweight, nutritional health, dieting, food supplementation and many more. It is even possible to break further into smaller units any of the above forms of nutrition as a market. It is possible to carve out a niche on how to guide against overweight and obesity by creating a blog with series of articles posted at intervals on the blog about overweight and obesity. It is even possible to create pages on Facebook Twitter and Google+ for the purpose of promoting your blogs on the niche market you have chosen.

Register a domain name or use a sub domain

The next thing to do is to register a domain name or perhaps make use of sub domain. A domain name is your business name presence on the internet such as www.yourdomainname.com. You will need to register this name with any of the domain registrars on the internet like: Godaddy.com or Cheapname.com. Registering a domain name will make it easy for you to use paid hosting and this will make your online business professional. It is of paramount importance to do some keyword research before registering your domain name.For instance if your niche is on credit card, then you want to do some research work on which name is suitable. It ha been suggested that beginners into online business will do well by making use of low competition, long tailed keyword. If you make use of Google keyword planner to do a bit of keyword reasearch on credit card, you will surely get ideas about low competition long tailed keyword. Low competition long tailed keyword may have a search volume of about 500 searches per month. Long tailed keywords are phrases that contain between three to six words. Your domain may contain your keyword like UK-credit-card. Your domain name may thus be exact match or broad base. If you are making use of free hosting like blogspot.com then you will only need a sub domain. like : sub domain.blogspt.com Your sub domain may be either exact match or broad base name.

Host your domain name or sub domain

The next thing to do is to host your registered domain name by purchasing a hosting account with any of the hosting companies on the internet. Some good host include: Goddaddy, Hostgator and a host of others. You should make sure that your host contain provision for other services like softaculous which permit you to install some scripts. You can host your domain name with any of these host with less than $5 per months with full features. If you are using a sub domain name, you can host your website or blog on blogspot.com

Instal a WordPress CMS

In other to meet up with the needs of the latest generation of web presence refer to as web 2.0 properties, it is of good paramount to install a CMS management software. The most populous of all these CMS is WordPress.WordPress will make it easy for you to be SEO compliant, you can easily manage your contents under different categories, you can easily ping your content and announce it to a whole world each time you publish a new content.Many other useful benefits of WordPress make it possible to RSS your contents and even get some news feed from most populous websites.

Get Contents for your blog or website

The whole essence of any web presence is to become an authority in its areas of niche marketing. This is made possible by means of quality contents written at intervals on matters of related niche subjects which are posted on the blog or site from time to time. You can get ideas on what to write on by getting to know what are people's ideas and needs by visiting questions and answers sites like Yahoo answers, Ask.com, Answerbag.com and others. You can similarly visit Forums and online communities in your niche to know what people are discussing. The more you write, the more new idea concepts.

Generate traffic to your site

Traffic is the bane of any online blog or website to generate cash online. Getting traffic to any website is gradual and there are various techniques to make use of to generate traffic online. These techniques range from free to paid. To generate traffic one must follow the online trends and should understand what works and what do not work. It is possible to generate traffic from: social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and others. Other ways to generate traffic include: PPC, email marketing, Video views, Link building, search engines, directories and ezines ads.

Monetize your website

The actual money you dream from running your own internet business comes from website monetization. There are various ways to monetize your website. These include: Google adsense, YouTube partner program, running adverts space for website owners, affiliate links, your own products for sales and subscription for online training.

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