Discover 12 Ways to Engage and Make Your Visitors Come Back

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One of the essential of any web presence is traffic or receiving swarms of visitors to you web pages. A first time visitor may come back or never return to your blog or website.

The following points discuss various ways you can always engage your visitors and also make them come back.

ways to engage your visitors

Qualitative Content

It is always said that content is king. A website or blog should always provide qualitative and informative content to update its web pages or blog regularly. People love good content, and if your visitors are aware of the fact that your blog is fed regularly with up to date content they will always be ready to visit your web pages or blog regularly. the type of content provided by you should be any of : refreshing, new, highly controversial, funny and highly engaged.

Blog commenting

Many people love to be conversational by way of commenting on your posts and possibly want as well to comment to other visitors post by way of reply. Blog commenting make each web post by you to be interactive by allowing your visitors to add their views to your findings through your post.

Social media engagements

The use of social plugins on your website send signals to your visitors that they can follow your updates directly through any of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc. It is possible to create a fan page for your blog or website on these social media sites and post regularly on your web pages for your visitors following.

Start a forum or an online community

You can start a forum in your niche for your visitors to ask questions and also get answers to their questions. Many have continuously drive tons of traffic to web pages through forums or online community.

Starts A social media network site or a social media network forum

It has been proved by social media experts that more social media sites will come up in months ahead because social media activities and engagements is taking the word wide web on a storm. Anyone can start a social media site or even a social media network forum. People of various age categories spend more of their time engaged on social media sites.

Offer free e-books, free software for easy downloads

People across the web love free things. There are many downloading sites on the internet which offer free stuffs in form of free e-books, free software for downloads. People will sure become engaged on your site and definitely come back to download free e-books and software for their use.

Adding an RSS feed to your site

This is by way allowing your visitors to subscribe to your content so that each time you have a new content added they will receive it immediately the new content is added to your feeds.

List building

It is always said that there is money in the list. An excellent way to get your visitors engaged and also make them come back is by building a list. If you have a list of subscribers who have subscribed through a form on your site, you can email them from time to time about new posts and new products and thus bring them back to your site at intervals.

Add a featured section to your site

While you update your website regularly with new quality posts at all times, it is not out of place to have a featured section on your website. The featured section perhaps will receive more attention as frequently most updated part and thus receive more consideration as most viewed by your visitors.

Run an online free education on your site

There is no doubt that people who search the internet search for relevant information to aid their understanding in certain fields. If you run a free education on your site like in the case of web design and web development, people will no doubt be engaged and thus come back repeatedly to your website.

Add products review section to your site

People love buying on the internet. Every second, millions of Dollars exchange hands among the buyers and e-commerce websites. People who purchase wants most of the decision as regards what they want to purchase already made for them by way of products reviews. You can lay your hands on the most sellers online do a diligent reviews about them comparing them with others products i the same niche market. You can direct prospect buyers to your reviews and they make purchases if they trust your judgements. Prospective buyers will always come to your web pages to check out your product reviews categories which can always help them to reach their expected decisions.

Run a market place for sales of high demand products

Since million of Dollars exchange hands every seconds through e-commerce sales platform from sales of highly demands products. One may decide to have a market place or an online store through which one can sell such high demand products.

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