39 Keys Internet Marketers Use As Keywords to Find Buyers

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<p>The journey to having a profitable online presence starts from keyword research. Keyword research is about finding solutions to marketing problems or finding right information to solve some key problems related to any area of human endeavor.

In keyword research, buyers make use of group of keyword phrases to search for information in locating relevant web pages that provide right answers. As a marketer you will like to get ideas about keywords people use in searching for information so that you can provide relevant answers through your web pages and blogs. As a marketer you can make use of free tools like Google Keyword planner and a host of others like keyworddiscovery.com or wordtracker.com in getting ideas about keywords buyers use in searching for information.

keywords buyers use for search

How you can benefit from keyword research

  • Keyword research helps you to know groups of keywords available in any niche market.
  • Keywords research helps you target long tailed keywords instead of high competition keywords which may be included in a web page URL or domain name.
  • With keywords research it is possible to rank high and be on first page of Google search result for certain keywords.
  • You must make sure your long tailed keywords is included at appropriate places when writing content for your niche market.
  • You can bid for relevant keywords with low competition through Google ad words or other PPC providers.

Getting relevant keywords to search for information

You can get ideas about relevant keyword that users and buyers use to accurately search out the right information they need by making use of Google keyword planner. To make use of Google keyword planner, just type "Google keyword planner" in Google search box, and it will bring out relevant url to click or perhaps you can get to Google planner by logging in through Google ad words. You can type in a single keyword to get group of suggested keywords that people use to search for relevant information in the market niche.

how keywords research helps you resolve problems and also find buyers for your products and services

When people look for information they make use of relevant keywords by conducting searches with their keywords through the search box of search engines. If you have gotten idea of relevant keyword to use, just type it into Google search box, and Google will bring out the URL of web pages that provide answers to the keyword. Further if you look at the bottom page of Google search result page, Google does suggest other keywords related to the keyword you have used which perhaps can alternatively be used to get relevant answers.

39 keys online marketers use as keywords to find solution to problems and also get buyers for their products and services

In the world of online marketing, people look for easier and simpler way of doing things rather than complex. Similarly people look for quicker way rather than longer and time consuming. People look for modern and improved way rather than old and rigid. In other for online marketers to meet the needs of people in those mentioned alternatives, they continuously look for ways to provide solutions to online marketing challenges. The online marketers make use of the following keywords to solve many problems relating to online marketing: Cure, help, remove, get rid of, treatment, relief, symptoms, remedy, solution, comparison, how to, fix, solve, repair, buy, order, deal, purchase, training, learn, control, prevent, overcome, therapy, stop, best, fast, secret, guide, scam, revolve, review, delete, relieve, alleviate, tip, e book, detect, software

Major research works that should be keyword research rich

  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Content/Information Research
  • Social Media Research
  • Fact checking
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Background checking
  • Business Research
  • Product Research
  • Medical Researchv
  • Image Research
  • Audio Research

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