How You Can Generate Passive Income With Free Tools

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The online World Wide Web contains a lot of free tools and free resources ranging from free materials, free services, free software, free templates, free e-books, free e-courses, free articles, PLR, and a lot of others.

Some of these free tools are made available online by either individual or a group of people who have worked tirelessly over a period of times to contribute to the development of the world wide web and subsequently make their findings as an GPL-general public license for the benefits of online users.

free tools to generate passive income

It is actually possible to generate passive income from free online tools if you know how to get those resources and also put them into use.For anyone to make use of free tools successfully one should develop the following qualities:

  • Many hours of researches
  • Be creative and think out of box
  • Be focus
  • Document your findings
  • Frequent changes
  • Don't be afraid of making mistakes

Areas where you need to make use of free tools in setting up an online business that will always generate passive income

1. Web design and development.

The basis of any online web presence is a good qualitative value web design in form of various web pages put together. Many online web marketers take the pains of learning web design with the free tools online or even without much technical background it is possible to drag and place some web pages with non programing skills. Just search for free web design tools you will get a lot of them online. Any web design experience starts from having a domain name. Even while you think of purchasing a domain name it is possible to start with a sub domain name and get hosted for free on places like blog spot or free WordPress.With just little more advancement you can even lay your hands on some free scripts like free auto responder services, free contact form scripts which you can embed in your web pages.

2.Free products and services to sell

There are a lot of free products in form of free e-books with PLR which you can find on the internet, upload them, customize them and begin to make money with them. You can as well lay your hand on affiliate products and software which you can sign for to promote online. The owners of affiliate products do not require for money to get started in selling their affiliate products. You can as well lay your hands on free affiliate courses on how to become an affiliate superstar.

3.Free traffic generation.

It is actually possible to get a lot of free traffic online making use of free online sources of generating traffic to any online web pages or blog. Any attempt to generate free traffic follows from good SEO practice. Other sources of traffic generation include:

  • Blog commenting and guest blogging
  • Forum or online community participation
  • Use of social media sites
  • Article marketing
  • Free classified ads
  • Social bookmarking
  • Free press release
  • Email marketing
  • Submitting to online directories

How and where to get free tools

1. Make use of free research tools with search engines.

Make use of Google keyword planner to get ideas about keywords used to search for free tools and resources online. Make use of the variations of these keywords to search through the search engines to get your desired results. Make use of free keywords like: free resources, free tool, free e-book, free software, free download, free gift, seo free tool, free stuff and a lot of keyword variations of the word 'free'

2. Make use of authority sites to get free tools and resources.

If you get the first hand knowledge of authority sites you can visit them to get free materials and resources for your desired results. Such websites include: online directories of free e-books and software, free downloading sites, online encyclopedias and others

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