Ultimate Guide How to Generate Passive Income From Online eBook Publishing

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You can earn recurring cash any time from eBook publishing. If you follow through the steps of individuals who have had great success in generating passive income from this source of great cash flow, then it is sure that success is knocking at your doorsteps. In this article we will look at what eBook publishing entails which among other things will include: information on eBook publishing tips, why you should write your own eBooks, which information can you write on and sell with deadly accuracy,how you can generate ideas about what to write, how to promote your eBooks through eBook publishing platforms, various formats for your eBooks with eBook publishing tools and eBook publishing services.

EBook Publishing Tips for Quick Success

online income from ebook publishing

  • Position your mindset at onset that you will succeed through either offline or online book publishing
  • write one book at a time
  • Prefer quality to quantity
  • You don't need to be perfect before you begin writing
  • Continuously read books from time to time for broad ideas
  • Get to know your prospective audience and meet their expectations
  • Learn good writing skills with coherence

Reasons Why You Need To Publish An eBook

  • E books bring credibility
  • E books are networking tools
  • E books are ultimate business cards
  • E books bring recognition and credibility
  • It can be used to acquire customers
  • With an eBook you are at many places at the same time.
  • It can become a thing of the media.
  • You can generate passive income continuously from the sales of your eBook

How much money can you make from your information products?

Literally there are many self publishing authors who generate passive income from their eBooks in the range of millions yearly. For instance, Amanda Hocking, a 26 year old woman is a panorama romance writer from Austin, Minnesota, and she has become a millionaire by pulling about $2m a year on amazon kindle. The above testimony shows that there is no limit to the amount of cash you can generate from sales of eBooks online

E book Creation Research stage

In this stage, you will need to carry out some research to get some basic facts that will aid you through in writing an eBook. You will accomplish the following:
  • You will get idea about a profitable niche.
  • you will get idea about what others have written in the niche you have chosen and why they are selling.
  • You will get information about what format your audience will prefer to get your information
  • You will get information about eBook publishing services and eBook publishing tools available for you.

Get idea about a profitable niche

This is a market survey conducted by you on what niche you will like to touch in your writing. There must be enough buyer for your proposed eBook by way of demand. You can write on any areas of human endeavours. It has been found that eBooks written on some areas like health and personal care e.g weight loss, make money eg passive income ideas, relationships eg dating, and how to eg how to build your own CMS database driven website with Dreamweaver,PHP and MYSQL do sell well. Any other areas of human endeavours can sell well like deadly fire provided you have done a good work. You can get ideas on any topic that is profitable. Below are excellent guides.
  • An idea may originate from you. From your past experience, from skills you have acquired, from your hobbies and interests,from a training or seminar you have attended in the past
  • Find out about what is hot in the market. Visit some online places like Amazon, ClickBank, Dummies, and find out about their best selling books.You can make a further research into any of your findings and produce a monument.
  • Visit some online community like forums, questions and answer sites, get to know what people are interested. Some expert answers to some questions may be a guide to write an eBook.
  • As you gather information on what to write, jot down some relevant points you will like to include in your writing, including some resources and authority for quotes and references in your eBooks

Steps to begin writing your eBooks or information products

To begin writing your eBooks or information products, follow the following steps:
  • You can create information products on both fiction and non fiction eBooks
  • Assemble all your information and put them in a logical order
  • Your first eBook may not be high voluminous, it may just be few pages of lines arranged logically topic by topic as in case of providing tips or simple step by steps to provide a solution or to accomplish a task
  • Prefer quality to quantity and start writing from the simplest part to the hardest part. You can break your writings into sections and be coherent in your writing
  • Where appropriate make reference to relevant written authorities, and other references you have directly included
  • If you don't love writing seek out the work of freelance or ghost writer who write for fees
  • After completing your writing, you should seek the services of a proof reader to proof read your work. A proof reader reads over your work to correct all grammatical errors and even look into the topics for logical arrangement in meeting up the needs of your customers

How You can publish your eBooks or information products

Publishing is all it takes to make your eBook available for sales to the public after you have completed the writing of the eBook, and is proof read. You will need to decide what format you will make your eBook available to your audience. It can be made available in PDF, EXE, Audio, Video, or as a slide. Getting your work across in more than one format is of great advantage. As against the traditional method of publishing, there are today many self publishing author online who make their eBooks available online to their targeted audience. One aspect of eBooks published on line is compilation of eBooks in readable format to the users. E Books are written in various format like PDF, EXE and they are compiled to make them easily downloadable by means of eBook compilers. A good eBook compiler is eBook Maestro with its myriads of features..

How you can make thousands of Dollars in passive income with your eBooks

After you have compiled your eBook you need to make it available for easy read and use by your prospective customers and buyers. Through your own promoting efforts you can make your info products available. You can make your information products available for purchase on a third party eBook publishing platform or you can sell directly from your own site or blog.
  1. Selling your eBook through a third party eBook platform
  2. You can also make your eBooks available for easy downloads for sales through places like Amazon, Click bank, Ebookmall, Smashword, Lulu and others likewise. An interesting means of selling your eBook is through Amazon kindle platform where you earn royalties for each download and use of your eBook. Selling your eBook on a third takes few steps. Get to sell section of the site for publishers and create an account. carefully study their terms of service and consequently upload your eBook in a readable format to the site. The eBook publishing platform or site will thus make the eBook available for downloads. E Book on a third party site can instantly be available to thousands of their affiliates who are standby to promote your eBook. Make sure you get a good pricing for your eBook. Anytime there is a sale, you get your own commission as per the share commission agreement.
  3. Selling your eBook on your site or blog
  4. You can upload your eBook onto your website and with the aid of pre selling through a sales page which directs prospective buyers to your order page you can begin to take orders for your eBooks with the aid of your own merchant account or a third party credit card processor
    • How to pre sell with a sales page
    • A sales page makes use of the power of pre selling. when you pre sell, you definitely reduce buying resistance from your prospective buyers. in your promotional efforts, you direct your buyers to your sales page and from there they land on your order page where the actual sales is made. In writing your sales page, take note of the following points
      • Make use of well designed headlines and catchy phrases
      • Highlights the benefits of the eBook
      • your sales page should be of good design
      • include bonuses in your sales copy-at least three relevant bonuses
      • You can employ the services of a sales copyist to write your sales page
      • include a call to action to direct your buyer to your order page
      • How to get traffic to your sales page
    • How to get traffic to your site
    • You can make use of various ways to drive traffic to your site including recruiting affiliates to sell for you,

If you have any further ideas about eBook publishing, you can make your comments on them below

Below are further reading materials that can assist you in becoming a professional self publisher online.

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