SEO Tips That Boost Your Traffic Level

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The concept of SEO is of great concern to all websites and blogs.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization is a key factor for every web site for free traffic

seo techniques

  • For proper seo you need to give attention to: SEO strategy, Keyword research, Web page optimisation, Content Optimisation, Back-linking, social-networking-optimisation, and article syndication.
  • For SEO strategy understanding your keyword and phrases settings are the keys. you must do keyword research with search tools like google keyword tools in combination with
  • For Web page optimisation you must submit your site to as many search engines as possible for inclusion on their pages even and you should resubmit even when you update a page
  • Title tag. Your Title should have an estimated word count of between 5 and 6 with a keyword count frequency of 1 and a keyword prominence (in the text) of at least 60%. A Keyword that appears at the beginning of a specific area will have a prominence rating of 100%. Keyword prominence plays a crucial part in determining web site's ranking, not just in the Search Engines, but also in directories such as Yahoo and DMOZ.
  • Alt. For Alt tags attached to images and data object on every page these should contain a word count of about 1 to 35 and have a keyword frequency count of 1 to 2.
  • Hyperlinks and anchors. Let hyperlinks and anchors contain a keyword frequency of between 1 and 8.
  • Body Text. For the rest of any page body text should contain a keyword frequency of between 1 and 6, a word count between 300 and 400 and a keyword prominence of about 50%. For proper seo a webpage should contain a total frequency of between 5 and 20. Optimise each of your page as you build them along because it is much easier to do than coming back at a later date to optimise.
  • You should have Original and optimised content through page links-called back-links, deep-links, incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links.
  • Bookmark your own pages regularly with important bookmarking sites like:dig, delicious, stumbledUpon, etc and do not forget to make use of social pages like facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin
  • Use press release and article syndication
  • Do not forget to submit to business directories

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