Eight Ways To Monetize A Blog To Earn Passive Income

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The ultimate goal of setting up an ecommerce blog is to make money from it. If you are thinking of owing a blog to give you cash returns then you can achieve it by trying one of the methods below.

But making money from your blog can only after the necessary things have been done on your blog. Take note of the following before you set to monetize your blog.

eight ways to earn  passive income from your blog

1. Let your blog be content rich. You can achieve this by posting highly researched original content on your blog from time to time. If you always post good content on your blog, then you will have a set of attracted readers who always look forward to the next article. Highly content rich articles are like magnet and it is ready to attract swarms of readers fans who will even introduce your blog to their friends.

2.Build a large base of reader followers with your blog. Make sure you use and build a mail list rom the visitors that come to your site through a mail list form through which visitors to your site can sign in by completing the sign on form. You can achieve this by directing visitirs to your site through social marketing,article submission, web 2.0 properties,blog commenting, directory submission, blogging etc

3.Let your readers develop trust in you You can let your readers trust you by giving them what they need and perhaps you can offer free gifts like free reports, free ebooks, free audios and videos for the benefits of your visitiorss. As your visitors begin to trust you then offer them email list to sign in with their emails, address, and names. It is easy to sell to your trusted friends because they will buy whatever you ohave to sell.

Below are eight 8 simple ways you can make money from on your blog 1.sell direct asdvertising
2.sell indirect advertising
3.promote affiliates products
4. sell your own products
5.write sponsored post
6.create a membership site
7.generate leads for speaking
8.solicit for donation

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