Earn Passive Income by Increase Website Traffic With Social Media Sites

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A social networking site is an online portal or profile where people meet to share views, photos, ideas and pictures. Since internet marketing is about meeting people, a social media site will thus prove to be an ideal place to spread messages about your passive income business

Just like any other marketing campaign starting out on any social media site starts gradually and with time you can get the necessary exposure you need to boost your traffic which in turn will convert to sales. Social networking sites have come to stay and through them you can meet and link with folks and business interests on daily basis. Few of such sites include: facebook, twitter, myspace, Dig, linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Google plus and a lot of others. Facebook is considered to be the most populous media site on the internet because there are about one billion users on it. If facebook is to be a land mass it is going to be the third largest country after China and India.You can fall in love with any of the media sites.

Good reasons why you should consider adverts on social media:

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  • They are platforms to communicate because millions of people visits them on daily basis
  • You can easily update your profile and adverts just with a few clicks
  • You have a hedge above your competitors in the same niche
  • You can promote your online businesses on your social media
  • It is the way to go now, people are already tired with the unusual pop up messages but you can create a buzz about your business
  • Social media sites are subject for SEO, search engines love them and if you have a lot of activity on your media sites you can earn a high page ranking with google.
  • Media sites are already incorporating mobile markerting in their services. Mobile marketing is becoming the way of internet marketing now.

How to begin a campaign on social media sites

To begin your advertsing campaign, you need to create an online profile with your name or your business name. More and more people are attracted to your social site and gradually you gain popularity. To begin with you can build a massive list of trusted followers on any social networking site who will trust you.Try to build circle of friends on your niche, you will find a lot of friends on your niche and once they trust you, then you can convince them to join your list. Insert links about your website or squeeze page or affiliate link in your profile, they will click your links and you will start to get traffic. Create bulletin, create good contents and try to gain their trust. Do not promote your products or sales in your bulletin.

If you are starting out with facebook and you have a website you can create a business page for your website and create a lot of following and through your page you can post relevant messages to share with your followers and you can even pay for a small advert on the media site. You can advertise your product there in other to gain a lot of buyers. You can also advertise your affiliate products to earn a lot of commissions as you take note of the folowing:
  • advertise in the most efficient means through a good judgement and balance.
  • try to advertise the best products especially in your niche.

Authorities on social media marketing activities and advertisement.

To be more efficient in the use of social media sites as a way of generating massive traffic you can have first hand expertise by getting more familiar on how to use social media sites to maximize results. It is good to learn from authorities on social media advertising campaign. I have come across many info products on the subject matter of social media sites but the genius work of Perry Marshall,Thomas Meloche, Andrew Macarthy, Ted Prodromou are worth considering because they are leading authority on internet marketing advertisement. You can have their menthorship by taking a hold of their ebooks info products.


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