Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

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Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow is clinically proven to reduce neck pain and to improve sleep in 4 days, no wonder it is best described as a gift to sleep.

Ratings 4.0 out of 5.0 by over 2350 customers
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Features and benefits of Mediflow original Waterbase Pillow

product composition

It is made of 5 inch top layer hypoallergenic polyesther fill while the bottom layer consists of adjustable pouch waterbase.

How it meets your needs for rest, comfort and support

The top layer polyesther fill makes you feel comfortable and you get to sleep faster and you will not need to fluff up and re-stuff up like many other polyesther filled pillows in the market that collapse easily and cause sleep interrruptions. The bottom waterbase layer gives you the required support for any level of firmness desired to avoid interruptions to your sleep. For any sleep movements it will adjust itself automatically to give support to your neck. It is not like memory foam pillow which may turn out to be hard to face or head.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

The manufacturer- Mediflow is sure you will get the desired customer satisfaction. The manufacturer makes use of best fine quality material in this bedding product. It comes with 30day satisfaction guaranteed with one year warrant for any defect.

How the pillow works for you

The pillow will be a perfect love for you just like over 4 million users who trust their sleep and rest to Mediflow waterbase pillow. The polyesther fill top layer will give you the comfort you desire while you get the level of firmness support you desire for soft, medium, or firm by adjusting (add or remove) the amount of water in the thin waterbase layer.

Some customer review reports on the pillow

  • Customer A
    This customer said no neck pain again. The customer has serious cervical and lumbar disk problems and he is on disability. He bought the pillow and actually got his neck pain relieved. He thanked Mediflow from the bottom of his heart
  • Customer B
    This customer wants to rate the pillow ten stars if possible. He found it to be the most comfortable pillow to have ever slept on after 42 years on the earth
  • Customer C
    This customer loves the pillow. He has enjoyed the pillow for about nine years. He found it to be super comfortable high quality product. He has never waken up with neck pain

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With Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow you are sure to attain to sleep faster and it will prove to reduce neck pain. You will never hesitate to buy it for the entire member of your family. Check out for your own copy at Amazon

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