pillo1 side sleeper reviews

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You will find pillo1 side sleeper to give you the perfect sleep experience for support, comfort and restful sleep each day.

pillo1 for side sleepers
4.6 out of 5 stars, by 7 customer
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Features and benefits of the pillow

  • It is made from naturally durable, breathable, pressure relief Talalay Latex foam
  • It gives you perfect sleeping experience by giving optimal support to your neck and head
  • It will optimally serve you whether you sleep on your right or left side. It is made for those who sleep 100times on their side
  • You will find the pillow useful if you snore as a result of sleeping on your back
  • It is plush comfort, hypo-allergenic, and dust-mite resistant
  • It's shoulder cut out design gives relief to your shoulder pressure while it positions you to the center of the pillow for optimal comfort
  • A V-Shaped shoulder cut out for optimal comfort

A unique design for side sleepers

This design for side sleeper is invented for those who sleep on their side most times for optimal comfort. The health comfort of the pillow makes it unique- it is for optimal biomechanical support, pressure-relief, guiding contours and improved comfort of the head and spine. It is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. It is made from 100% talalay latex rubber

pillo1 side sleeper

Customer review comments

  • Consumer A
    He found it to be the best side sleeper pillow at any price. The customer who has a low amount of REM could sleep deeper just 2 days after using the pillow without any neck pain or ear discomfort. He wakes up each day refreshed. He said he can pay twice the price for the pillo1
  • Consumer B
    The customer said had he come across pillo1 side sleeper he would not have experienced many nights of restless sleep causing him to wake up with the sore neck and worst lower back pain ever. After using this pillow for six months his back pain and neck pain were taken away.


All Dr Raymond's pillows are meant to do the work and to give the sleeping comfort required during night rest. The pillo1 side sleeper will make you experience deeper REM sleep. As a side sleeper you will have the best experience so far and it will turn out to be the perfect pillow for the right investment, so do not hesitate to pick your own now from Amazon .

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