Texas Instruments TI 84 Plus Graphing Calculator

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A programmable Graphing calculator designed to be used in the fields of science and engineering. It handles maths, pre caculus, calculus, trigonometric, pre-algebra, algebra, statistical and financial functions.

Backed by 1 year warranty

Widely use as standards required by most schools

Recommended by most teachers for their maths class

Reasons why Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator is a good investment for use by middle, high school and college students

  • It meets the needs of students, because it is what most teachers want them to have for their maths class
  • Versatility-It is widely used and standard required for most schools
  • It is durable as far as nothing happens to the screen
  • It is backed by one year warranty
  • it is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by over 1,950 customers who have actually purchased and used this graphing calcualtor
  • File sharing with other calculators and connecting to PCs is possible because it allows for USB on the go technology connection
  • preloaded with 12 apps for use
  • Displays graphs and tables on split screen to trace graph while scrolling through table values

Desirable features


Texas Instruments


Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

Color Choice

You can select any of your color choice made as found on Amazon, it comes in six colors: Black The commonest one purchased-it looks completely black, the back is black, the front with the screen area looks gray while the close is black Blue Green Pink Purple Starbursts(hard case)

Durable with the keys, almost indestructible

A very dependable caculator,durable, low paint wear, good keyplacement, good size.

Compare with TI-83

It is easier to use than TI-83. Unlike the former which requires parentthetical to enter data in the required data by the users without giving prompt, but the latter prompts for required data points such as mean, median, z-scores, critical values, etc It also has more data packages than the 83, so less work has to be done manually. It is more modern in appearance than the T1-83, buttons layout are different and can carry out more functions in the field of trigonometry and algebra 11 and more advanced functions

Usage coverage

Can be use for basic algebra, calculus, usable for engineering students for computational tools, good for high school and through college courses,rational expressions, equations,factoring linreg, quadreg, cubicreg regressions and statistics

Specific exams usage

It is allowed to be used for the SAT/ACT maths texts. It is among the list of calculators included for use during maths option of SAT/ACT maths exams because the recommendation gives room for a scientific or graphing calcualtor as contained in

How to use it

You can make use of the owner manual. You can download a pdf format of the owner's You can find an online tutorial on how to use it at:\ Specifically if you want to delete anything, using the arrow button to highlight what you want to delete and press the delete key. Specifically if you want to clear everything ob the screen press the clear button Specifically you can download an app for custom note usage allowing you to save notes and formula. Specifically you can make the black text darker or lighter but not the screen because it is not backlight

On delivery

It comes in plastic clamshell package It comes up with 4 AAA Duracell batteries it comes with 2 USB cable or cords -the USB to mini usb (computer to caculator to download application from computer) -the mini usb to mini usb (calculator to calculator to connect to other calculators} It comes preloaded with apps It comes with a cover for the calculator It comes with a user manual instruction and a CD that contains software and links where you can learn more to use the calculator


It is not rechargeable, operates on 4 AAA batteries You need to replace the batteries when they are dead or recharge the 4 AAA batteries


Graphing is fine but not in color

Color screen and color display

It is not color

Difference between TI-84 and TI-84 plus c silver edition

Compare with TI-84 plus c edition TI-84 plus c edition has the same basic functions with TI-84 Graphing Calculator but TI 84 plus c edition has following additional features 1. more memory space 2. more preloaded apps 3. better display Find below the comments of over 1950 customers that have actually purchased and used this graphing calcualtor

Amazon customers review comments

  • A great worthwhile investment for any student education- With Ti-84 plus graphing Calucaltor, any high school and probably college student will.
  • Find it a very useful tool for successfully learn how to solve any science and maths functions. It comes pre-loaded with apps for convenient use.
  • A great design and improvement provides for the slip cover not to become loose over times even as you continue to handle it.
  • It serves its purpose as expected. My daughter will have years of un-equalled good experience with the machine.
  • Found useful for my college course. My teenager uses it for high school and testing in SAT/ACT.
  • It is exactly as I expected and at the best price I saw on line. It was delivered earlier than expected as well. Thanks.
  • This product meets all my needs for school. I love it! It performs all the basic functions and so much more. I can't do my homework without it.
  • It meets the needs of students because it exactly what most teachers want their students to have for mats class
  • It excellent but obviously a necessity for middle and high class school ideal choice for engineering students.
  • Fantastic purchase. Exactly what I was looking for. Has all of the tools that one would need in a graphing calculator for upper-level math classes. Compared to the other graphing calculators I have had in the past this one has been the best. Very easy PEMDAS function. Hard to make mistakes in the order of operations which is what I most wanted in this calculator. You will be able to make any equation look exactly like it does on paper. Great battery life. Won't need to worry about purchasing new batteries for a long time. If you are looking for a great graphing calculator for a high school of beginning college student this is a perfect purchase.
  • Work great for the price, i would buy it again
  • Calculator received as expected at a very good price and delivered on time.


It is a little bit pricey just like most TI calculator Because its desirable, you have to keep watching it so that it does not get lost or taken away by another student it does not come with battery except the backup battery, so you need to get your battery to fix


From the above unbiased ratings judging from over 1,950 customers TI-84 Texas Instruments is highly compatible for meeting the needs of a graphical calculator. Any investment made in terms of purchase of the calculator may be considered worthwhile because the instrument is recommended for use by most teachers for their students maths class.

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